Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm here!

SOOO, here I am!!! Beautiful Argentina!!! I can´t even believe it!! It´s crazy!! We hopped off the plane at LAX (just kidding) in Buenos Aires, and suddenly--HUMIDITY. What. It was SO HOT and it was raining and it was difficult to breathe, but somehow I loved it ALREADY!!!! Just the people and the language and the green everywhere--it´s amazing!!

We met President Carter and his wife at the airport, and they´re wonderful!!! We have a really good system here, and our mission is SUPER successful!!! There are 180 Elders and 70 Hermanas in our mission. Last month we had 188 baptisms!!!! Crazy!!!

Anyways, first thing we did was take a bus to this beautiful park, where we held a small devotional by a fallen tree. This place was were the Marvin J. Ballard came and dedicated South America for missionary work!!! That´s right!! Missionary work for the ENTIRE continent began in Buenos Aires!!!

After that we went to the President´s house for lunch, and that was great!!! We met the assistents and had another devotional, and that night I stayed with 7 other girls in a little apartment near the mission office. The next day we were shipped to the transfer meeting. It was 11 Elders and I, and they call us Refuerzos (reinforcements) for the Pastores (Shephards---the ones going home) Then we were put into companionships and areas. I was so nervous!!! What if I got a mean companion, or one who didn´t do any work ever??? They put up the information on slides, and I was paired with.... Hermana Parrish in Libertad, Merlo!!! And let me just tell you, she´s AMAZING!!! Before she became a trainer, she was a Sister Training Leader, and she´s such an amazing worker!!! And she´s from Utah!! GRINGA PODER!!! Right after transfer meeting, we were bused to our pench, which is actually super nice compared to the one I stayed in the night before!!! Apparently, according to Hma Parrish, the pench used to be full to the BRIM of cockroaches, and none of the previous Hermanas would do anything about it!!! Hermana Parrish called the offices and they fumigated it for them. No bugs at all, luckily!! But on the first day, I got TONS of mosquito bites, so that´ll be interesting to deal with in the summer!!

We eat Milanesa almost everyday, and we only eat two meals!!! Everyone has siesta after lunch, and they don´t eat the rest of the day!! We usually eat with the members, and the food is fantastic!!! 

The people here think I´m Argentine, but as soon as I open my mouth, they change their mind hahahahhaha. A girl in Young Womens in our ward said that I don´t have the face of another country, and that I look like I´m from here!!  

We already have a baptism set for this week!!! His name is J________, and he´s CAPO!!! (cool) We went to his house yesterday to get him for church (we walk everywhere and sometimes take the bus to the big city) and we brought leche y muffins con dulce de leche! It was a very filling breakfast:) J_________ is getting baptised this Saturday!!!! He´s such a cute little guy, and he´s super shy. But we love him!! Can´t wait till he becomes a member!!!!

We have 10 other Fechas (baptismal dates) set for the next two months!!! CRAZY!!! One of the families we met on Saturday, and the daughter was so prepared to learn the gospel. The mom and dad were into it to. President tells us: if you have the dad, you have the family. And the dad was tearing up as we taught!!! All I can really offer so far is my testimony (Castellano man... it´s so hard to follow) but it seems to work!!! 

Today, we were on the train, going back to Merlo from Ramos, and I saw a woman in her 20s crying. I felt the impression in my heart to say something to Hma Parrish. I knew that we needed to comfort her. I was super reluctant. I didn´t know if it´d be okay to intervene in whatever was going on in her life. But the impression came again. So finally I leaned over to Hma Parrish and said: that woman behind you is really upset. And so Hma Parrish (really she´s wonderful ahhhh love her) started talking to her and comforting her!!! I tried to fill in with Spanish (it wasn´t great hahah but I tried!!) And we got off the train with her and onto a bus and TOTALLY TAUGHT A LESSON prayer and all ON THE BUS!!! It was awesome!! We got her info and found out she lives nearby!!! Amazing stuff!!

Anyways, I love it here, and I´ve come to know that the MTC is NOTHING like the field. The field is SO much better. A lot more difficult and tiring, but so much more rewarding!!!! I love it, and I love serving the Lord!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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