Monday, May 26, 2014

Hernias! Just kidding. There's nothing about hernias here. But now that I have your attention...

So, this week was a bit low on the saving people meter, but we did have transfers!!! Hermana Parrish and I didn´t go to the meeting because we still have 6 more weeks to go for training (or more, I hope!) But we have some new Elders and Hermanas in our Zone! It was way sad to say goodbye to the other missionaries:( But we have some AWESOME newcomers in Merlo now!!! 

Hermana Parrish and I have been a bit sick this past week. On Friday, I was just not feeling the food thing. Stomach flu symptoms aren´t so fun while you´re on the mission. BUT we managed to pull through and get ALL of our Key Indicators done, even with a few days of rest!!! It was amazing. 

All in all, this week has been pretty good, despite the sicknesses!!! We had Conferencia de Estaca Saturday and Sunday, and that was wonderful!! We had 5 investigators attend!! And we have 2 more baptismal dates for next month!! F_______, the 15 year old chico who felt the Spirit at the baptism, and our new investigator J____!! He´s an older fellow, and he´s the SWEETEST man ever. He came to church literally two days after we taught him ON HIS OWN. He´s awesome. I´m so blessed to be in this wonderful area!! I hope you all enjoy your week with school getting out!!! I can just hear the High School Musical chorus in the distance. 

Love you all!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

Stake Conference

Hermana Parrish and I

Monday, May 19, 2014

Saving people. Finding things. The Missionary business.

Soooo, this week has definitely been an interesting week!! First off, we found this kitten at the capilla the other day. And it´s the absolute cutest thing in the world. It has the biggest green eyes and the fluffiest fur and it reminds me of my cat Princess from when I was a wee bairn. And she´ll just sit in your arms like a baby and purr and it´s adorbs. We named her Lulu. We see her there almost everytime we go to the chapel, so now she is officially the church cat. 

Now for the story of the week, since last week was kinda lacking. So, we came out from a cita (appointment) late for our next, and so we RAN as fast as we could so we could get there no less than 15 minutes late. Hermana Parrish decided we should take a different street to get there, one we NEVER take, and as we were rushing down the street, we pass two women talking, one middle aged lady, and one cute older abolita. Hermana Parrish overheard the middle aged lady say "I have a hernia, I can´t lift anything." So we stopped in our tracks and we walked up to the little abolita and asked if we could help with anything, and the look on her face was so completely horrified. She was breathing really hard. I couldn´t understand what she was saying because she was talking so fast. When I asked Hermana Parrish what was up, she said "Someone fell down." WHAT IS THIS A RANGER CAUGHT OFF HIS GUARD. CNA MODE ON. So we took little abolita by her arms (who we later learned was named M_____), and she led us inside where her friend was on the ground in this dark bedroom. We turned on the lights and found that it was another older lady. We ran to her side and I did all the normal procedures and I checked to see if she was injured (she hit her head), and all the sudden these two men walk into the house to help!!!! Hermana Parrish spurts off to them (about me) "¡Ella es una infermera!" ("She is a nurse!") And I try to tell them how best to lift her, because I couldn´t do it by myself. After we finally got her into her chair, I checked her pulse and Hermana Parrish sat next to M_____, the other abolita, and calmed her down because her respirations were off the charts. Hermana Parrish is a CAPA!! She handled that situation like a pro!!! She was super calm, and the fact that she somehow knew to go down that street at that time was a miracle. We spent a good hour with these cute ladies, until their caretaker came back to them. They´re now investigators!!! They thought we were angels come to save them. It was such a crazy experience. I´m so grateful that we passed at just the right moment to be able to help them. It´s amazing how the Lord works. 

B____ was baptized on Saturday, and it was amazing. I could see in her eyes as she came out of the water that she knew this was the right thing to do. Every single day I learn more and more about the reality of this Gospel. I knew it was true before. But now I KNOW. How could I deny something so pure and so true in every concept, while I have witnessed the power of conversion by the Spirit with my own eyes? This Gospel is true. I know it´s true. I love this work, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. I love you all so so much!!! Thank you for all of your support!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

 Baptism this week!

District Activity!

Monday, May 12, 2014


I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother´s Day! I know I did! I´m so happy and grateful to have such a wonderful Mom. I miss my family so so much, but it´s reassuring to know that while I´m here, I can help other families obtain the same happiness that I have. I can´t believe it´s been nearly 3 months already!! Time goes by so fast out on the field. 


I don´t have much to say about Argentina, except for the fact that it´s starting to get really cold. We´re only allowed to keep the heater on in our pension for an hour, and it´s been raining a lot lately. Luckily, when it rains, the mosquitos calm down a bit, but there´s always a big risk for flooding. Almost everyday I find these crazy looking flowers that sometimes look like insects, and I take them and press them in my planner (my planner is pretty legit--we decorate it all cool and now I feel like a hard-core scrapbooker) I see these spiky trees and bug flowers and palm trees and mosquitos and then I remember that I´m living in a tropical area. The humidity here doubles the weather like crazy. When it´s cold, it´s REALLY cold, without the snow. And when it´s hot..... well I guess I´ll have to wait and see!! Everyone says December and January are the worst months because they are SO SO hot, and you don´t sleep with blankets in the night. 


Anyways, this week, we´re preparing for B_____´s baptism!!! She is such a wonderful young woman and she is so prepared!! We have been so blessed in this area with wonderful people who are willing to listen. We still have 2 progressing families who want to be baptised, and we´re hoping that they will be next month! 

Yes, this work is hard. The mosquitos have destroyed my legs, and we walk a million miles every day, and sometimes we get doors slammed in our face. I miss my family every single day. But being out here and having this opportunity to help bring others unto Christ is so fulfilling. My testimony has grown so much! I know now more than ever that this is the true Church. If it wasn´t then why would I be out here? I know it´s true, and it´s amazing to watch all of these people remember where they come from, and that they are children of God. 

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

Monday, May 5, 2014


MIRACLES MAN. This week has been full of miracles. 

First off, for my little snippet on Argentina: There´s this girl named V_______, and she´s basically the Latin America equivalent of Hannah Montana. Little girls obsess over her. And little boys love Ben 10 here. Ben 10 everything. And they sell everything at these places they call Chino´s, which is a Supermercado where only Chinese people work. These Chinese people know no Spanish, and they always blast super loud American/British music, and it´s awesome. ANOTHER awesome thing is their plants!! I feel like I´m in Jurassic Park every day. They have palm trees and giant leaf things and Aloe Vera plants (the other day Hma. Parrish pulled off a piece of Aloe and rubbed it on one of my mosquito bites. HEALING PLANTS. Kingsfoil. It´s a weed.) Anyways, the coolest plant is this tree that has spikes on it, and it gets really fat at the bottom when it rains. I just really like plants. 

In other news, we did not meet One Direction today:( ONE DAY.

Hermana Parrish and I

As for miracles, we had two baptisms this past Saturday, cute little A___ and D_____. Wow. The whole thing was just so amazing. I couldn´t hold back the tears. So many of our investigadors showed up to the baptism. This 15 year old member, named R____, brought her boyfriend, F_______, and her sister, B____, to the baptism. F_______ (15 years old!!) said to R_____ "I felt something during the baptism. It felt good. I want to keep feeling that way." Yep. We´re gonna see if he lives in our area now so we can teach him too!! And her little 13 year old sister, B____, darling as ever, has been struggling a lot with family relationships and everything. We´ve been teaching her for awhile, but we´ve never taken out a baptismal date. So yesterday we did. When we asked her if she wanted to follow the example of Jesus Christ, she said "I would love too" TEARS. She´s getting baptised on the 17th of this month. We found another man yesterday, a dapper man walking down the street. We could´ve just walked past him, said a simple "Hola" or "Buen dia." But we decided to contact him. We only talked to him for a few minutes, but he told us that he believed in God and that he had been searching around to find a church that felt right, and that he is planning to come to church on Sunday!! How awesome is that!!

This whole week has just been amazing. Reaffirmation time and time again that things will go right if you are meticulously obedient in all that you do. There can be no such thing as selective obedience. I noticed that that was a huge theme in conference a few weeks ago. Some things that Robert D. Hales said that I LOVED: "Some obey selectively because they cannot perceive the reasoning behind the commandments... to rationalize disobedience does not change spiritual law and consequence." I LOVE that. It´s so true. Missionaries, and members in general ALWAYS need to remember this. We can´t rationalize disobedience of ANY of the commandments that the Prophets or Apostles have declared. The Lord will not halt the Second Coming or Judgement day just because you haven´t decided to do your best yet. Do your best NOW, so you can be prepared now, and so that you can reap the blessings of your obedience. It´s so important. 

Anyways, I love you all so much!!! Have a wonderful week!!

Con amor, 
Hermana Edwards