Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hola!!! Things at the MTC are going so fast!!! We get our travel plans on Friday!!! I am SO excited!!! Devotionals have been awesome, and we've had the opportunity to listen to a member of the Quorum of the 70 every week!!! And the awesome thing is? Basically every speaker served in Argentina!! So I learn a ton from their experiences!! No Apostles yet, but I figure General Conference compensates for that:) 

We drive on the prison bus (literally, it even has a cage in the back) to church every week!! Es fantastic!!! Tomorrow, Hermana Baker, and Elders Smith and Bisping and I are trying out for a musical number to sing in devotionals. We're going to sing 'I Know That My Redeemer Lives.' I'm singing alto, and I'm so excited!!! 

TRC is going fantastic!!! We've been talking to Nayeli, our first progressing investigator. And remember how I said that some of the investigators are members, and some are the real deal? I'm pretty sure Nayeli's the real deal. Either that or she's a terrific actor. We were supposed to finish teaching her last week. But as we were eating at the cafeteria, she came up to us, speaking completely in English! She gave us both huge hugs and said that she was so sad we couldn't teach her anymore. But then she asked, "Would you like to still come and teach me? There's some things that I still have questions about that I didn't understand from the other missionaries." AND SO we're teaching an extra lesson than normal almost every day! We see her again tomorrow!! And one of our teachers will be present with us while we teach!! It's so amazing! Her desire to know about the gospel is so apparent, and we can feel the Spirit so much while we teach!!! I love teaching!!! It makes me even more excited to get out on the field and teach people every day!!

I love this gospel so much!!! I love you all so much!!! Only a week and a half to go!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards
City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Ohhh we're halfway there....

I'm so done with the MTC hahahhahha. It's so monotonous. But it's almost over! DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA.

The past couple days, there have been CRAZY windstorms. Like, leaves in my mouth windstorms. Es fantastic. Provo weather is ten times more bipolar than Kaysville weather. 

So, our zone has been drastically reduced to 11 people total. The other half of our zone left for Mexico on Monday :( And we didn't get any new people in our zone this week. 
Today has been the craziest day ever. So, we go to the temple and do initiatories, and it was wonderful. But then, as we got off the bus at West Campus, Hermana Baker realized that she left her bag at the bus stop. So we have to go all the way back and find it. We started freaking out cuz we couldn't see it on the bench where she left it. So we ran over to security, and luckily they had it. Good thing there's honest people around here!! And the fact that there's a temple right across the street from the bus stop... 

Anyways, we go all the way back to campus, and walk to Brigham's Landing to have lunch (we had burgers and it was awesome) After that, Hermana Baker had a chiropractic appointment, and so we took a shuttle to the office. We sat in there for literally 40 minutes after her appointment time, and then I had enough and told them off hahahahah. So 2 and a half hours later, we're waiting for our shuttle, which takes ANOTHER 20 minutes, and we have to go to main campus again to schedule another appointment for her. Our shuttle leaves us, and we go to the bus stop ONCE MORE. A bus finally comes by, but we didn't realize that it wasn't a missionary authorized bus. We asked the driver if it was okay for missionaries to hop on, and if he could take us to Wyview, and he said "Sure, I'll get you there, no problem!" 30 minutes later, and we're nearly in Orem. We came to a station where the drivers switched. But, we had the opportunidad to speak with two twin brothers from GHANA!!! So cool!!! And then a lady from Peru got on, and she spoke like two words of English. So, I decided to talk to her, and we introduced ourselves and had a nice conversation till the new experienced driver brought us back to our apartments. No time for dinner if I want to write emails hahaha. 

Anyways, that was our fantastic P-day adventure. HOLLA. 

We started TRC last week, which was AWESOME. We taught a member in Spanish, and then we started teaching someone named Nayeli (she's our progressing investigator, and they don't tell us weather or not they're members AHHH) The gift of tongues tho. There were things I was able to say that I had no idea I knew the word for. It was so cool. She started crying when I bore my testimony. The Spirit is so strong, no matter the language. 

Anyways, only a couple more weeks, then I'll be in Argentina!!!! I'm so excited!! It's fun here (sometimes) but I realize that it's necessary for me to get the training I need. 

Love you guys!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Things are SO MUCH better now that the first week is OVER!!! The first week, I have to say, was the absolute hardest week of my life. There was so much adjusting!!! It was insane!! But now, I've adapted to the schedule, and I'm finally enjoying it! This p-day was even better than the last! We went to the temple this morning, and I did Sealings for the first time!!! We could only stand in as children, cuz we're missionaries, but the Spirit really was so strong!!! It was amazing to have the chance to perform the highest ordinance in the temple for those who never had the chance!!

We went to Brigham's Landing today, a little strip of restaurants and fun things, and I had a burger, and it was delicious. The problem with the MTC, is that they try to feed you all these not so yummy gourmet meals, when all we really want is some chicken nuggets. But it's still great to have food prepared for us:) 

Our first investigator, Mateo, is now our teacher, Hermano Angel!!! And seriously, he's hysterical. He's like a mixture between Jimmy Fallon and Harry Connick Jr. Best combo in the world. We have to teach lessons almost every day now, including tonight. It's crazy. The last lesson we taught, we tried to do it without using books for sentence guidance and such, just going off from what little Spanish we know, and let's just say, it didn't make much sense and we were laughing the whole time because either Hermana Baker or I would say something, and the other would just repeat what had just been said, cuz we can't understand each other and our broken Spanish. Our teacher stared at us like we were idiots hahahahha. But my Spanish definitely has grown in the past two weeks. 
We joined the choir, and it's been amazing!! Yesterday we sang at the Devotional 'As I Survey the Wondrous Cross' which is SUCH a beautiful hymn, and I recommend everyone listen to it. I got a close up on the Megatron like 3 times (I felt so famous) 

But things here are going good!! Time has flown but not enough. and I'm so ready to actually get out on the field and finally get to Argentina!!!! :)

Love you!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards