Monday, May 25, 2015

Prayer, dust pans and shaved heads…..

This week was a rough one. We prepared everything for I____´s baptism. We went to fill the font, and there wasn´t any hot water AT ALL, so we heated some hot water on the church stove and filled it that way. The drain to the font doesn´t work either, and bugs and dirt built up in the space of time that the font wasn´t drained, so we manually cleaned it out, sporting our rain boots and hiking up our skirts and using dust pans to clean it out. Something I´ll definitely NEVER forget hahahaha. The Elders eventually showed up and somehow figured out how to turn on the hot water. So we fill the font and clean the church and have everything prepared down to the speakers and food. We went to bring him to his baptism and HE WASN´T THERE. No one knew where he was. We tried finding him, going to his family and asking and calling but we couldn´t find him. So we canceled the baptism, with the hopes that it could happen at the end of this week. At this moment we still can´t find him, and his family has no idea where he is either. We are so worried. We continue praying and hoping for the best. The work is hard, but it is always so worth it.

I decided, to lighten up the situation, to add a few of my would-be twitter posts for the week if I had a twitter here.....

That moment when people think that all Mormon´s shave their heads and then tell us that we´re the only ones who don´t do so #please #tellmemoreaboutwhatibelieve

Sometimes you and your companion have to manually clean out a baptismal font with a dust pan #mishlife #thishappenseveryday #notreally #butmostofthetime 

I love you so so much everyone!!! See you in 3 months!!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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