Monday, April 28, 2014



 I still LOVE this place. What makes the culture easier to adjust to are the people and how receptive they are. It´s amazing how prepared these people are. We´re starting a Clase de Ingles that we´re gonna teach every Wednesday night!! I´m super excited!! Tomorrow morning at our Reunion de Distrito, we´re going to ask the Elders how they´ve had success with their English classes in the past. Apparently, English class is a great way to find new investigators, because there are a ton of people here who want to learn English!!

There was one experience that we had a few days ago that I´d like to share. So, we were teaching this family about la Ley de Castidad (Law of Chastity) and Hermana Parrish was leading the discussion (as can be expected because I still don´t know Spanish) And the whole family was completely into this discussion. They have this little chicita who couldn´t have been more than 5 years old. She was restless as the lesson went on. I caught her eye and told her to come sit on the seat next to me. She was so excited, and she hopped onto the chair and started swinging her legs with this huge grin on her face!!! As I was sitting there, I was thinking of ways I could preoccupy her so she wouldn´t cause any mischief. A thought came to mind, and I pulled out a folleto of Jesus Christ, the picture that we all know and love, and I gave it to her. Generally, when I hand out a folleto with a picture of Christ, the person will take it and not give it a second glance. But this little girl held it so gently in her hands, making sure to only touch the corners. She just stared at it for the longest time. Then I told her (in Spanish) "That´s Jesus Christ. He´s your friend, and he loves you very much." She stared at the photo again for a few moments, and finally said in her little voice ¨He lives in heaven." That moment, as simple as it was, really struck me. That little girl, no older than 5, knows her Savior. Even though she´s not old enough to understand, she knows Him and she recognizes Him. The feeling that the Spirit brought me just from witnessing her quiet contemplation of the picture was amazing. And it helped a lot with my struggles this week as well, including the knowledge that my grandpa would pass away. It helps because I know that Papa John lives in heaven too. I just really love this gospel and all the happiness that it´s bringing to the people I meet, and in turn, how happy it´s making me. This mission is hard, but it´s amazing, and I´m so happy that I have the chance to be here and do the Lord´s work!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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