Monday, April 21, 2014

Felices Pascua!!!

Happy Easter!! Yesterday, that is. It´s been a great week!! Had my first baptism on Saturday, J____C____!!! I felt so happy seeing him go under the water!!! He was so happy after!! And he´s a very shy guy who doesn´t smile a lot. But to see that sincere smile light up on his face was amazing!! And he was confirmed yesterday at church! And.... we got 6 investigadores to church too!!! We have two more baptisms lined up for not this week, but the next. A____, who´s a 13 year old girl and SUCH a doll, and her little brother D_____ who is 9 and adorable. And after that, we have 7 dates for the next two months!!! I don´t even believe it. It seems like we´re making good progress with this family we found last week-- the M______´s. Their oldest daughter, N______, who´s in her early 20´s, can only be taught on weekends. She loves when we come to teach. She even wants to come to our house sometime soon!!! You can just see the light in her eyes when we teach. Funny story though, we were teaching their family about the importance of prophets one day, and at the end of the lesson, we asked Hermano M______ to offer the prayer. As he prayed, he went: thank you for sending these two prophets to teach us today... Needless to say, we´re gonna have to explain a bit more about prophets next time...

Some more random facts about Argentina....  We had to drive to the capital today for DNA papers and such, and I thought we were gonna die 7 LANES OF TRAFFIC ON EITHER SIDE WHAT. There is no such thing as speed limits. The city is amazing!!! I felt like I was driving through a mixture of New York and Europe-- it was so cool!! As we were looking out across a river with a port and boats and such, we saw some more land, and we asked our driver what it was. That´s Uruguay!! He said. What. So I saw Uruguay today. Checked off a part of my bucketlist I didn´t think I had. 

My bathroom is way nice!

Anyways, things here are going fantastic!!! I love it, and I love the people, and my Spanish is okayish hahaha. I love you all so much!!

Con amor, 
Hermana Edwards

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