Thursday, April 3, 2014

Voy en una aventura!

Only a few more days to go!!! We have our travel plans and we´re already starting to pack!! We leave Monday morning! And we have our Departure Devotional on Friday! It´s so exciting!

This past week has been great!!! Ever since that whole escapade with the guy going around Provo and getting into girls´ rooms, the Elders have been walking us to our apartments every night. And I have been sleeping with a Martinelli bottle on my desk. No one mess. 

Apparently, according to Hermana Baker, I´ve been sleep talking. Not only that, I´ve been sleep talking in SPANISH. What. The language is already infiltrating my subconscious.

SO, as some of you may have heard already, David Archuleta came to the MTC on Sunday. He just barely got home from his mission in Chile a week ago. So here´s how it went down. We were sitting, waiting for the devotional to begin, when DAVID ARCHULETA walks out and sits down!! Turns out, David, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Organist, Richard Elliot, were giving a musical devotional!!! It was the BEST thing ever. We listened to Richard Elliot first, who played a variety of songs. He played a rendition of "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet" that he wrote after Gordon B. Hinckley passed away. And then he played a song only using his feet on the pedals!!! It was crazy! We all gave him a standing ovation. Then David Archuleta came up, and began to bear his testimony. He told us he had just given his homecoming talk that morning, and that there was no place he'd rather be right off his mission than at the MTC with us. He told us about some of his experiences, and then he told us about the amazing work we were preparing to do, and how many lives we will have the opportunity to impact. There have been few other times I have felt the Spirit so strong. Then he sang "Be Still My Soul" It was the most beautiful thing. And he sang a variety of other songs, accompanied by Richard Elliot, and sang some verses in Spanish!!! Last, he sang "Hark All Ye Nations," and for the last verse, we joined in!! We sang with him!!!!!! After this amazing devotional, we went up to the stand. David came by, and shook our hands!! He said as he shook my hand "You'll do so great!!" It was such an amazing experience!!! One I'll definitely never forget. 
-our faces after meeting David Archuleta-

Also, I saw one of the Elders from the District at the bookstore yesterday. He's practically famous at the MTC, so that was cool!!!

We've been saying goodbye to teachers and leaders and friends. It's hard to say goodbye, but it's exciting to know that, by next Tuesday, I'll be out and serving the Lord!!! Argentina here I come!!!:D

-My Zone, Provo Temple-

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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