Monday, May 12, 2014


I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother´s Day! I know I did! I´m so happy and grateful to have such a wonderful Mom. I miss my family so so much, but it´s reassuring to know that while I´m here, I can help other families obtain the same happiness that I have. I can´t believe it´s been nearly 3 months already!! Time goes by so fast out on the field. 


I don´t have much to say about Argentina, except for the fact that it´s starting to get really cold. We´re only allowed to keep the heater on in our pension for an hour, and it´s been raining a lot lately. Luckily, when it rains, the mosquitos calm down a bit, but there´s always a big risk for flooding. Almost everyday I find these crazy looking flowers that sometimes look like insects, and I take them and press them in my planner (my planner is pretty legit--we decorate it all cool and now I feel like a hard-core scrapbooker) I see these spiky trees and bug flowers and palm trees and mosquitos and then I remember that I´m living in a tropical area. The humidity here doubles the weather like crazy. When it´s cold, it´s REALLY cold, without the snow. And when it´s hot..... well I guess I´ll have to wait and see!! Everyone says December and January are the worst months because they are SO SO hot, and you don´t sleep with blankets in the night. 


Anyways, this week, we´re preparing for B_____´s baptism!!! She is such a wonderful young woman and she is so prepared!! We have been so blessed in this area with wonderful people who are willing to listen. We still have 2 progressing families who want to be baptised, and we´re hoping that they will be next month! 

Yes, this work is hard. The mosquitos have destroyed my legs, and we walk a million miles every day, and sometimes we get doors slammed in our face. I miss my family every single day. But being out here and having this opportunity to help bring others unto Christ is so fulfilling. My testimony has grown so much! I know now more than ever that this is the true Church. If it wasn´t then why would I be out here? I know it´s true, and it´s amazing to watch all of these people remember where they come from, and that they are children of God. 

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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