Monday, August 11, 2014

Hunger Games, Goals and Perfection


I´m going to start out by saying that our water sometimes doesn´t work
in our apartment, so we´ll boil a pot of water in the morning or at
night and that is how we shower. Real life Hunger Games.

This week was good!!! Now that we have our own personal goals, we´ve
been really focusing on retaining our recent converts, and
reactivating the 300 less actives in our branch. I love that we can
determine our own goals now, and follow through with them. I feel more
fulfilled each and every day.

We just found out that our convert from last month, R______, is
preparing to serve a mission!!! He´s so excited!!! And we couldn´t be
more excited for him:) Even though we aren´t seeing as many baptisms,
we´re still seeing miracles every single day.

Hermana Bangerter ends her mission this week. It´s so strange to me,
because I remember exactly the day that I met her in the transfer
meeting when President Carter left. She still had two months to go.
TIME FLIES. I got my mission call almost 10 months ago. It´s
incredible. When I compare myself to the person I was when I first got
out on the field, the difference is astounding. I still have the same
personality, the same interests. But now I can actually speak the
language comfortably (sometimes there are embarassing moments....)
and I feel much stronger in my relationship with Jesus Christ and our
Heavenly Father. I can´t wait to see what 1 more year will bring:)

One of the things I love to teach the most is that there is growth and
progression in every stage of life. There is always something new that
we can learn and apply to our lives. And eventually, we´ll have the
capacity to understand fully what perfection is, through our Savior
and Redeemer. I love this gospel so much:)

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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