Monday, September 1, 2014

The Keystone

This week was great!! A LOT colder (thank the heavens) BUT there were
a lot of gigantic spiders in our house this week, so I suppose you
can´t have everything. It went by SO fast, just as I imagine it did
for everyone at home with school starting up again. SEPTEMBER. I can´t
believe it. Just a few more months and we´ll hit 2015. I´ll be halfway
done with my mission on Thanksgiving. Time goes by too fast. Now I
have a little over 6 months on the mission. A year left!! It startles
me to think of all the things I was doing just a year ago. The weeks
and months are a blur. We only have a couple more weeks in this
transfer. I´m really enjoying the mission!! We´re headed to Lujan this
friday for a big conference with a representative of the South
American missions (forgot his name) so, we´re super excited for
that!!!! I love conferences. And I love traveling in the Nightbus (but
not in the nighttime)

The other day, I decided to begin studying "Jesus the Christ" during
my hour of personal study. As I pulled the book from my desk, all the
other books around it fell, knocking down my souveneirs and papers and
pictures. I thought silently to myself how ironic it was. The simple
action of pulling the book out of my study caused quite a bit of a
mess. Just as the seemingly harmless act of pulling Jesus Christ out
of our lives causes a much greater catastrophe than we could possibly
expect. I´ve seen time and time again, especially on my mission, the
disaster and tragedy that comes to people when Christ no longer is in
the center of their lives.

Why is Christ the keystone to our religion? Because through Him, we
have the gospel. We have the Atonement. We have this earth, this
universe, our bodies, our spirits. We have our families. How could we
ever expect to live a life of happiness when we blatantly take out the
sheer REASON for happiness? When we put other worldly priorities
first, such as clothes and internet and movies and music and parties,
our sense of spirituality is dulled, and we can´t feel as close to the
Savior. I struggled with this before my mission. I just went with the
flow, not really doing anything extra to benefit myself of others. I
was on my phone WAY more than I should´ve been. I´ll admit--Pinterest
is pretty dang addictive. My worries really shouldn´t have been
worries. I had other things to do than service or studying my
scriptures. Sure, I did these things, read my scriptures every day,
went to mutual and church activities and mission prep. But it wasn´t
with full intention of heart to learn and progress and serve. Why?
Because I failed to put Christ above all other things.

Christ is the center of everything. I hope everyone can remember that.
Our primary purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto
Christ. Through this, I´ve only been brought closer to him. I hope we
can all remember to put Him in the center of our lives. Only then will
we truly feel spiritually edified and full.

I love this gospel!!!! More and more every single day. I can truly say
that this mission has changed my life. I´m so grateful for the
opportunities that the Lord puts in our path. It´s amazing!!!

Love you guys!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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