Monday, November 10, 2014

British, goodbyes and new responsibilities…...

So this was a crazy week of transfers. I was transferred out of
Chivilcoy after 5 months. Lots of hard goodbyes. I love the people
there so much!!

Now I´m in the area of........Hurlingham!!!! (yes it is British-- yes
I sometimes feel like I´m in Europe) We´re in the zone of Caseros.
It´s a HUGE city. A really wealthy area. I´m with Hermana Henao from
COLOMBIA WHAT UP. She goes home this December! With two of my other
companions, Hermana Sosa and Parrish. Hermana Christley went home last
week. I will literally have no companions in the field with me anymore
hahahaha. ALSO I got called as a Sister Training Leader!!!! It was
definitely unexpected but I´m SO excited for this new adventure!!!

This week we get to have a conference with Elder Christofferson!!!! On
the 15th!!! I´m so excited!!! In all of my mission I´ve never had the
chance to listen directly to an Apostle!!!

Super great, super long week of changes. But all for the better!!!

Love you guys!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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