Monday, October 27, 2014

Spiders, service and baptism...

So, this week was fantastic!! We did a TON of service. On Wednesday, I
bathed and trimmed the dog of one of the members in our ward (I
pretended like I knew what I was doing) And TODAY right when we woke
up we went to the house of one of our investigating families and
CLEANED LIKE CRAZY. They live in a Quinta, which is also a farm. They
have cows and pigs and chickens--everything. They had spiderwebs all
over their roof. So we took a broom to it. I probably killed (well, my
companion more than anything) 30 GIGANTIC spiders today. And when I
say gigantic, I mean Shelob/Aragog size I kid you not. There was no
small amount of screeching. The Elders had it easy, they just cleaned
up some trash.

This week, our dear friend that we´ve been working with for over 3
months, M__________, was baptized. That was definitely the highlight
of our week. 

We explained to Miguel that he could be an example for his son through
baptism. He never showed such excitement for his baptism until that
moment. On Sunday, he was confirmed a member of the Church.

Another investigator that we´ve been working with for even LONGER
(almost 5 months) named C_____, went to church this week. She told us
it wasn´t out of obligation to us, but for God. She absolutely LOVED
the Primary Program (who doesn´t) and she committed to come and stay
all 3 hours next week. I love the power of the Spirit!!!

It was a great week.

We have transfers next week. I think that I´ll be transferred, but I´m
not sure. My companion right now only has a transfer left on her
mission, and I don´t think that President would move her to a new area
only to be there for a month and a half. I´ll miss Chivilcoy so much
if I go. But I´m more prepared now than I was before. I love this
area, and I love the people, and it will always remain in a special
place in my heart.

Love you guys!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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