Monday, March 16, 2015

New area, new companion and claustrophobia!

Hola!!! Bueno, so I´ve been transferred for what will probably be my very last time (quien sabe) to Ituzaingo 4 in the zone of Castelar!!! It´s the area right next to Ituzaingo 3, where I served at the beginning of my mish for a week and a half. I´m the zone Sister Training Leader now, and I´m serving with Hermana Kent (everyone here calls her Superman)!!! She´s wonderful!!! She served in the zone of Caseros with me just a transfer ago. We live in a nice apartment complex building thing, and we have a tiny elevator (clausterphobia) up to the 3rd level. The apartment is really nice!! One of the nicest I´ve had, since Chivilcoy at least. It even has a cute little balcony. No shortage of cockroaches though, so that´s fun. We´ve resorted to killing them with furniture polish. But AT LEAST the shower works! That´s a first. 

Sister Training Leader (HLE) again!

Before I got here the map was this. ^

After! I like to make things pretty. :)

There was a baptism on Saturday!! A cute 8 year old girl. She´s a sweetheart!! She was confirmed yesterday, and we´re working with her family to try to get her parents baptized!! We´re excited to see miracles this transfer:)

 Saturday Baptism!

I spoke in Sacrament yesterday about missionary work, and the importance of the members participating in it. It´s SO important that they help out!! Rather it be lunches, referrals, going to visits with them, ANYTHING, anything helps out!! I wish I had been a better member missionary before my mission. Now I know what type of person I want to be when I get back home! The work goes forth so much more powerfully with the members supporting the missionaries. Every member a missionary. It´s so true. The Lord really is hastening His work, and now´s the time to become involved in it. I´m so happy to be a part of this church. There´s no doubt in my mind that it´s true.

I love you all!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards 

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