Monday, April 27, 2015

The week of insanity…...

This week was insanity. So, we got the transfer call on Sunday telling Hermana Kent and I that we don`t have changes! Phew!!! Yay for not having to pack/stress for once!! Well, we go on our merry way, and Tuesday (the day before transfers) we get another call: "PSYCH, Hermana Kent`s leaving!!! Pack up your bags!!" So we spend a stress heavy day packing, organizing and saying goodbye. When the ever-needed sleep came, we got a call at about midnight. It was an unknown number. I was disoriented and startled so I cut it off. Then it rang again. I cut it off AGAIN. This went on about 7 or 8 times until I finally girded up my loins and answered the phone. It was the AP (assistant to the president) I had just cut off the AP 158 times. He told me that I would have to be at the offices the next day early, because I WOULD BE TRAINING. WHAT. Soooooo, turns out that, on top of my STL responsibilities, I`m ALSO training! Her name is Hermana Dayes, from Arizona!!! She`s wonderful!!! She`s darling and so ready and willing to work!! We`re so excited to work together!!! I love her to death!! 

Me and Hermana Dayes this week!

So all in all, this week was wonderful! Yesterday was a pretty big day too!!! I hit 14 months on the mission field. Only 4 (much to soon) more months to go!! My parents completed their 21st year anniversary! I`m so thankkful for them and their righteous examples to me and for teaching me the importance of the Gospel and family values!! There are no doubts in my mind I have the best parents in the world. Also, a year ago yesterday, my sweet Papa John passed away. I remember getting the email and the call from the Mission President. That was probably the most difficult time of my mission. A lot of opposition and changes happen while you`re away from home. Not always for the better. But I live with the certainty that the Lord blesses His faithful children. In His setting, in His time, and in His way. I`ve seen such evidence of that. Just looking back at where my life was a year ago with hardly 2 months on the mission! So many changes!!! But now I`m seeing the changes for the better, and I am so grateful for that. There is nothing more beautiful than living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I love you all!!

Con amor, 
Hermana Edwards

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