Monday, August 17, 2015

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

Welp. I can´t believe it. Time has flown so fast. I never thought I´d ever come to my last week on the mission field. But here it is! 

There aren´t words sufficient to describe the feelings I have. I´m sad/happy. Sad to leave behind all of these wonderful people, all of the relationships and the spiritually uplifting lifestyle of a missionary, but so happy because I can see all of you again, start my life at home. I´m SO eternally grateful for my mission. Not a day will pass by that I won´t think about it. I have learned so much, have changed so much, and I have come to know my Lord and Savior. I have never felt more sure in all of my life of the truth of this Gospel. It is SO true! How could I possibly deny something so pure and so beautiful!!! Our Heavenly Father loves us SO much. He has given us so much. Every day of my life I want to give back even just a little bit to Him, for all He´s done for us. I´m so grateful for my wonderful family, and the knowledge I have that I can be with them forever! I´m so grateful that I was able to help other families come to this knowledge, to take the steps and enter the gate into eternal life. It will forever be a blessing to me. The Lord has helped me so much along the way, and I know that he´ll continue helping and loving us forever. We are His children. That will never change. No matter what changes in the world, no matter how much our lives have changed, God will always be God, and He will always love us. I know that this is true. And I am so grateful for these truths. And I will never cease to proclaim them.

I love you all so much!!! I´ll see you so so soon!!!:)

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards
 Baptism of S____ and E______!!!

 Packing up!

Cyber cat hahaha!

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