Monday, August 10, 2015

Doubts, Peace and the Gospel…..

Short little story for the week:

This week was wonderful, we found some great new investigators who have great potential!!! One we found has a lot of doubts, but we committed him to read a pamphlet, and he said, "I`ll read this. And who knows, out of all the religions I`ve talked to, none of them have given me such a feeling of peace as yours has. You`re so happy. I want what you have. Maybe this will be the answer that I`ve been looking for for so long." It was so wonderful to know that we were able to help this man feel even a small amount of the influence the gospel can have on his life! I love this work so much!!! 

Only two weeks left, I`m so excited to see you all so soon!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

 Zone meeting!!

 I made my dress into a skirt. Skills.

 District Meeting!

Sub sandwiches yay!

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