Monday, June 2, 2014

FIFA, bird anesthesia and testimonies

Soooo, this week has been pretty crazy. First off, everyone´s gearing up for Mundial (FIFA World Cup) and if any of you know how Argentines are when it comes to fútbol, you know that it´s gonna get pretty intense. Argentines are practically born playing fútbol. I´ll be walking down the street, and there are literal two year olds doing some super advanced fancy footwork and whatnot, 10x better than I ever could in my life. The World Cup is like a holiday for them. FIFA Brasil EVERYTHING. I got this free sticker collection book of all the players and teams in the world, and now I´ve decided I´m going to collect all 600 of the stickers before Mundial is over. Life goal. I´m so happy I´m serving here now when this is going down!!! 

So. For the rest. The insanity didn´t start until Saturday. We were walking down the street, going on our merry way, when Hermana Parrish noticed a bird that didn´t fly away when we walked by it. So we creeped up on it, and it tried to kinda bounce away. And so we caught it and picked it up (it´s okay, we sanitized ourselves afterward) and we noticed that it had blood all underneath it :( Probably from some rogue gato. So we took her with us back home (we promptly named her Cheeky Fluff) and we made a decision right then and there: we were going to save this bird. So we performed surgery, without medication (¨twas a brave little bird) And we removed a bajillion feathers that were all stuck inside her wounds!! She had one on her neck and one on her stomach. And seeds that she had eaten were coming out the neck wound:( We took out all the gross stuff with tweezers, and I wrapped her up in a little gauze thing. And we made her a little house in a cardboard box, and gave her pan rallado y agua to eat and drink. It was adorable. Then we went out to work for the rest of the day. When we came back home for the night, we found out that Cheeky Fluff´s little heart couldn´t quite handle the trauma:´( 

Before this solemn incident, however, as we came to our door at night, I started pulling out the keys. But Hermana Parrish stopped me and whispered "wait." I turned and we watched as two young guys who were walking down the street separated from one another as if their intent was to corner us. And so instead of going into our house (believe me, you don´t want people to know where you live) we rushed to the neighbors across the street, who so happen to also be members. As we were walking over to our neighbors, we noticed this little Black Fiat Uno drive by, and a chico stuck his head out the window and stared directly at us. It went around the corner, and we were kinda scared about it. BUT THEN THE SAME CAR CAME AROUND OTRA VEZ!! So we hid inside the gate of our neighbors house, and the older son (who is a pretty big guy) came out and decided to escort us to our home. As we were walking, we noticed a middle aged woman running for her life in the street. It just so happens that a police truck was driving down around the corner just in time. We whistled the cops over, and we overheard her say, "There are two boys going all over the place, robbing people!!!" WHAT: People, we were almost ROBBED. So the police drove away in search of the culprits. What would´ve happened if we decided to open up our door as they were walking by? The Lord truly blesses His missionaries. Crazy stuff going down in the hood. 

Other than the almost robbing business, this week has been great!!! Some of our investigators really opened up to us and just poured out their souls. It´s situations like these that I realize how truly blessed I am. I never knew I could hurt so much for people who I don´t even know well. I love my investigators. I love these people. I really truly do. I couldn´t even imagine going to another place other than Libertad. I love these people too much. I want, more than anything, to be able to mend them. And it´s hard because I know I can´t fix everything. But the Lord can. I have seen His hand in this work, day after day. I know this Gospel is true. I know it. And I´ve learned, that even the simplest of testimonies can prove to be the most powerful. Bear your testimony. Better than that, live your testimony. This is the only way you can grow. I´ve seen miracles, and I know this church is true. 

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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