Monday, June 23, 2014

Travels on the Nightbus, goodbyes, and blessings

HOLA PEEPS. So, things in Ituzaingo went great!!! We found a bunch of new investigators, Hermana Christley and I got to know each other very well, and one of our investigators asked me to give the prayer in English. No big deal, right? Nope. Couldn´t do it. I've officially forgotten how to pray in English. 'Twas quite an experience. Then the electricity went out on Tuesday and it was nighttime and we couldn´t be out on the streets without lights, so we went home and waited for the transfer call. We all knew that we'd be going because this is the last week we´ll have with Presidente Carter. BUT, ya know I figured I´d be staying in Ituzaingo cuz I was JUST barely transfered last week. SO we get the long-anticipated call and..... TURNS OUT I´m being transfered OTRA VEZ.

So we go and we do the things the Lord commands, and the transfer meeting happens and...... I´ve been called to serve in CAMPO!!! En la zona de CHIVILCOY NORTE!!! Campo is 3 hours away from the city. We took the double decker Nightbus there (take it away Ernie) It´s so beautiful here. A lot more tranquilo (I don´t know if that´s spelled right) Our house is legit and we use BIKES (which have been hard to adjust to but I love them. I´ve named mine Jimothy) My companion´s name is Britney Bangerter and she´s from (drum roll please) SANDY UTAH!! (that`s 4 companions from Utah in a row now) She´s AWESOME I love her to death. And I´m gonna kill her. Yep. In August she goes home!!! And I´ll likely have to stay here and teach the area to my next companion!!! It´s insane!!! But this place is gorgeous, and it´s almost like a completely different mission. The people talk a little different, act different, everything. So, three areas in almost three months of being here!    It´s the Cliffs of Insanity, but now that I look at it, I wouldn´t have it any other way.

Our dear President and his wife leave this Saturday. We all went up on Wednesday and said our last goodbyes to him. It was SO emotional. Even though I haven´t known him for too long, his words and advice have truly impacted my work and my outlook on this mission, and on life in general. He is truly a man called of the Lord. We´re all going to miss him so much.

This week has taught me just how powerful the priesthood is. The Lord gives honorable men the authority to open the curtain and allow the light of his power to shine in. On the bus to Chivilcoy, I was feeling really sick. Emotions, traveling, everything was just crazy that day. We were on a bus, and would be for another hour or so, and I really wasn´t looking forward to throwing up. I thought about it for a really long time, and finally I asked for a healing blessing from my new district leader. Before he began, he asked me if there was anything else I´d like to include in the blessing. These past couple weeks (and months really) have been rough for me. I was feeling lost and useless. And so I told him "comfort." This blessing that I received that night on the bus, was and will forever be one of the most sacred moments of my mission. And even in my life. He just KNEW exactly what I needed to hear. And during the blessing, this dear, humble elder began to weep. Afterwards, I thanked him with tears in my own eyes. I told him that he knew exactly what I needed to hear, and he replied "Those weren´t my words."

Hermana Bangerter then told him "But you are worthy enough to have this power to speak for Him." And this is so true. All you worthy men out there have this authority to open up the curtains and let the sun in. And every woman out there has the ability to partake in this beautiful blessing. EVERYONE benefits from the priesthood equally, not just those who hold the keys. The worth of this blessing cannot be measured. It requires true faith and trust in the Lord to truly see that THIS is His power restored to the earth at this time for US to benifit from. Take time to appreciate the priesthood in your life. If you hold it, be worthy in everything that you do. If you don´t, be worthy still! Support the men who do hold the keys and understand that we are all children of God, who created us, who knows us, and whose love is unfathomable. That´s amazing!!
You are amazing!! Thank you for everything.

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

Campo= countryside

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