Monday, July 7, 2014

Faceplanting, thyroids and The Savior

SO this week has been pretty uneventful except for the fact that I hit a parked truck with my bike and almost faceplanted it. Good times. ALSO, we had quite a delicacy at our dear chef friend´s house on Thursday. She cooked for us some type of cow thyroid. It looked like tongue. I tried a bit of it. It was squishy. And now I feel like I´ve accomplished my "try something crazy on the mission" goal. Never again. BUT she makes awesome tortas and that´s all that really matters:)

This Friday, la zona de Chivilcoy Norte gets to meet President Robertson!! We´re SO excited!!! We can already tell from his letters that he is a man inspired of God. We´re excited to see what type of things he´ll implicate these next 3 years:)

Something that Hermana Bangerter said to me the first day we met has been on my mind lately. As we watched as each and every one of the missionaries in this mission went up and said goodbye to President Carter for the last time, she leaned over to me and said "Now just imagine how it´s going to be when we see Christ again." That struck me so hard. The Spirit filled me with warmth and I couldn´t contain the tears. I´ve never truly pictured, until that day, what it will be like when we meet our Savior and Redeemer once more. How it will feel to be in the presence of the One who truly knows us better than we even know ourselves. To hear for ourselves His words of His love for us. I could never imagine or conjure up a happier moment in my mind.

So, I give you all a challenge, to really think of the words in the Children´s Songbook "If the Savior Stood Beside Me." Ask yourself: would I really be living the way I am now, if He were here? I know I would change a lot. There is so much I need to work on. The thing that is SO important to remember is meticulous obedience. That has helped me so so much being out here, and I know that it will forever change my life. I love this work so much!! I learn so much every week, and I´ve never felt more fulfilled in all my life.

I love you all!!!

Con amor, 
Hermana Edwards

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