Monday, July 14, 2014


This week was probably the most eventful week of my mission yet. Last Monday, we got an email from Pres. Robertson that said, if we started working at 3 on Monday instead of 6, we were allowed to watch the semi-finals between Argentina and the Netherlands onWednesday. So Hma Bangerter and I were like "HECK YA" and we cut our p-day short and found a member to watch the game with. I will tell you one thing, I was definitely more into the game than half of the people in Argentina. AND THEN WE WON!!!! SUDDEN DEATH. All of a sudden I love soccer. The celebration was HUGE (ALSO, Wednesday was Argentina´s Independence Day: 9 de Julio, so it was 10x more intense). We had to take a remis (taxi) home and stayed there for the rest of the night. We could hear all the horns and the people who had congregated in the giant plaza celebrating. It was SOO loud. We partied it up all night, missionary style. And we listened all night long as children and young-uns chanted "¡VAMOS ARGENTINA!" all night long in the streets. It was amazing. 

AFTER WE WON WEDNESDAY!!! This is how we do it.

So Sunday came around, the big finale. We couldn´t watch it cuz, ya know, it´s Sunday. EVERYONE was so pumped. Argentine flags and Messi jerseys and EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine. We had to be in our house at 3pm, and for the rest of the day. It was SO crazy. Fùtbol literally is a religion to Argentines. So we waited for the tell-tale sound of cheering.... and it never came:( Argentina lost 1-0 against Germany, the last few minutes of over-time. And now, people are pretty depressed (including me) BUT LIFE GOES ON. And, it was absolutely AMAZING to be in this wonderful country while such a monumental event took place. And they still got 2nd!! That´s awesome!!! I keep loving this country more and more everyday. 

My district


Friday, the zones of Chivilcoy Norte y Sur met together, and we had a big reunion where we met Presidente Robertson and his darling family. They have two boys, 9 and 15 years old, and a girl who´s 17, and the rest of their children are grown up and have families. They are amazing. The love they have for the missionaries is just so palpable. We each had interviews with president. He told me how excited he was to get to know me this next year y pico, and about all his plans. I´m so excited!!! He´s changing a bunch!!! A lot we don´t know about yet, but over the next month or so, we´ll see his plans take form.
I have seen, especially this week, just how real the gift of tongues is. An amazing friend of mine has told me about the power and importance of testifying. That, when I´m not exactly sure what to say, that when the language barrier is so thick that I feel like I know nothing, to testify. And I´ve been trying to heed his advice. And it´s been working!!! I´m so grateful for the Spirit. I know know, that in reality, the gift of tongues isn´t having the ability to speak another language. It´s being able to speak the language of the Spirit. The church is true!!! I know it, and I challenge you, if you aren´t sure about the truth, to find out for yourself. Truly seek with sincerty of heart. You will find an answer.
Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

La Iglesia mayor
4th of July meal! BBQ chicken and fruit salad!

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