Monday, July 21, 2014

Lightning, Survivor and the Savior

Hola!!! This week has been a little low on the crazy-things radar. The weather has been pretty crazy. It went from freezing cold pouring rain flooding in the streets to the point where I wanted to die, to beautiful clear skies and dry air. And this week it´s supposedly supposed to snow, which hasn´t happened since 2005. So we´ll see. Also we have massive lightning storms. I´ve never seen lighting this amazing before. Everyone says that the weather has never been so extreme before. They´ve had their hottest summer this year, and now their coldest winter, and the mosquitos have never been so bad, and the lightning has never been so apparent. CRAZY. I don´t ever want to hear anyone in Utah complain about how bipolar the weather is there again, because this definately tops the charts in indecisive weather.

Last week our hot water stopped working, so we boiled water to take showers. Missionary life is the BEST life. Really though. Remember that time I ate a cow thyroid? Well THIS week in Survivor I ate pig intestine in sausage form. I didn´t know until after just what I had eaten, which I am eternally grateful for. Also I learned how to really eat chicken off the bone. I have still committed to never eat blood sausage.

I´ve learned a lot this week just how powerful personal revelation is. If you haven´t read your Patriarchal Blessing lately, then I ask you to go and take a good 30 minutes and study it quietly by yourself. Take notes. Find scriptures. Write down promises you have been given, and ones that haven´t come yet. Write down what the Lord would have you do to receive these blessings and live it. I´ve been doing it lately these past few days in my personal study time, and it has been some of the most enlightening moments of my week. I´ve learned so much more about myself and about my relationship with Heavenly Father. And during the Sacrament this Sunday, take time to think about your relationship with the Savior instead of worrying about anything else that is going on. The rumors of wars and the contentions and all of the problems happining in the world right now--forget about it for a moment and dwell upon the fact that you have a Savior who loves you and died for you. Sometimes I forget just how amazing that is.

You guys are wonderful!!! I´d love to hear from you!!:)

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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