Monday, September 29, 2014

Andy Williams, Castellano and Conference weekend!

Well, this week was a great one!! We taught 37 lessons this week and
found some great people!! 

The weather is really pretty lately!! BUT the mosquitos are KILLER.
And they only get worse as we draw near to summertime. I just want to
bathe in mosquito repellant at this point. It´s weird to be in
springtime when Halloween is only a month away. My mind has just
confused all the months and seasons and holidays and they´re all
jumbled together. We blast the Christmas music almost every day. You
can´t go wrong with Andy Williams.

I´ve also learned that I CAN speak Castellano comforatably now. Still
can´t roll my ´r´s but we´re getting there. I have also learned that I
CAN´T speak English anymore without throwing in a few Spanish
words/phrases here and there. 11 months to go.

We couldn´t go see the Women´s Conference on Saturday:( But we´re
excited for General Conference this weekend!! And tonight we´re
traveling to Chacabuco (a city about 1 hour away from
Chivilcoy--Nightbus again) for our District Meeting tomorrow!!!

I hope everyone will have the chance to listen to Conference this
weekend. I don´t think I´ll be able to watch it in English, which will
be hard. But the Spirit is still apparent, no matter where you are, no
matter what language!! Sometimes I forget that during Conference we
are receiving direct revelation from God. It makes the temptation to
sleep through it a little less strong. I love to hear the Prophets

Love you!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

 La Zona de Chivilcoy Norte!!

Our whole District!

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