Monday, October 6, 2014

No Caps Lock or shift button. Enjoy deciphering…..

no literally. our mission president was kidnapped. i thought it was a
joke too. apparently, he was returning home from a reunion in his nice
toyota hilux when a bunch of armed men jumped in his car and drove off
with him. they stole his phone, computer, and some money, dropped him
off in the city somewhere, and later, they left his truck on the side
of the road. and guess what?? he never stopped preaching the gospel,
even to his captors. saratov approach mp style(in caps) now the story
is all over the newspapers and everything here. there´s your 60
seconds newstory for ya.

this week really was fantastic. we had a zone conference instead of
going to chacabuco(we go there tonight instead!!!!:)) we learned so
many precious skills on how to teach!!! we´re so rejuvinated to do the
work!! after the conference, this week turned out to be our most
successful yet. we taught nearly 40 lessons, found a bunch of great
new people, and 5 investigators came with us to watch conference!!
despite the rain and the crazy storms we had, it was an amazing week!

i absolutely loved general conference. this time of year is always my
favorite!!! yes, it was different listening to conference in spanish.
no, i couldn´t understand everything. but i learned a lot. not even
language can serve as a barrier to the spirit. it was so different but
yet very special to listen to the talks in spanish. some of the
translators began to weep as they read the talks. these types of
things are just so humbling to me. we also had the opportunity to
listen to the actual voice of richard g. scott, because he can speak
spanish fluently. i absolutely loved the 4 steps that he gave to
increase our faith: prayer, scriptures, family home evening, and the
temple. it´s so true how these 4 vital things need to be priorities in
our lives!!! no exceptions!!! the prophet and apostles are inspired
men, and we are such a blessed people to have the opportunity every
six months to hear direct revelation from god. and, as we heed these
teachings, we will receive our own personal revelation, just like
elder ballard said in his talk (i think it was elder ballard?? can you

i love you all!!! i hope you can all ponder in your hearts the
teachings of the prophet. chao!!!

con amor,
hermana edwards

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