Monday, October 13, 2014

Normality, clowns and lightning bugs…...

This week was pretty normal!!! We went to Chacabuco for our District
Meeting!! We worked there for about half a day, and it was super fun!
I DID try higalo spread. That is spanish for LIVER SPREAD. They told
me it was ham. It was gross. Our water didn´t work (not even cold
water) for a whole week, so that was another adventure here in
Chivilcoy (it´s working now don´t worry) 

ALSO there is a clown going
around Chivilcoy scaring people at night (mainly children and their
moms) with a machete and running away. And the police can´t find him.
So that´s good. He has a facebook page.

 Me with some Emus


It´s SPRINGTIME and it´s
BEAUTIFUL and there are a bajillion baby animals everywhere and I LOVE
IT. We saw fireflies/lightning bugs the other night!! It´s been so
long. This email is really random and short, but this has been another
notice on the life of Hermana Edwards. Until next time.


Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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