Monday, August 3, 2015

Testimonies, lessons and strength

This week was remarkable!!!

We´ve been working a lot with our investigator O___. She was a miracle to find! We received her and her family as a reference from the Offices a couple weeks ago. We went, and made a return appointment with her daughter. We came back a few days later, and we soon found out that her two twin daughters have been members for about 5 years, and that her former husband was a member as well. A few years ago, they were all very active, including O___, even though she wasn´t a member. During this time, she even paid her tithing!! The only reason she couldn´t be baptized was because she wasn´t married. The whole family became inactive when her husband fell ill with cancer and passed away, about two years ago. We´ve found them again, thanks to this miraculous reference, and have begun teaching again. She came to church these past three Sundays without fail, and we finally had our second lesson with her and her daughters on Friday (we couldn´t before because O___ was very sick) Hermana Wiborny and I testified of the truth of the Restoration, of Joseph Smith, and of the Book of Mormon, in one of the most powerful, spiritual lessons I have ever participated in in all my 17 months. As we invited her to be baptized, I felt the Spirit testifying, not only to her, but to me that these things are true. The words I spoke weren´t mine, but they were the words of the Spirit. I knew, and know, what I spoke is true. It was such a remarkable feeling, one that I can´t possibly forget. We left the lesson on a spiritual high, and Hermana Wiborny gave me a big hug out of excitement for what had just happened, the sweetheart!! It was amazing, the power of the Spirit. We were so aided by the powers of heaven in that lesson. My testimony has been so altered during the length of my mission, but never lessoned. Always strenghtened. I know that it´s true!!! I can never deny it. And we´re so excited to see the progress of O___ and many more to come. 

Yesterday was my last fast Sunday on the field. A member of the Seventy came, we´re not sure why, but it was really cool!!! I bore my testimony for what will be probably one of the last times as a missionary in public. It´s so strange to think that this month I´ll be back in Kaysville! Such a strange feeling. I´m so grateful to know that I have a wonderful family that loves me, there in the United States, and one here in Argentina. I love the mission!!! I know that I have to enjoy every single minute, because before I know it, it´ll be done. But I´m very excited to see every one of you so soon!!! I know that Heavenly Father loves us all so much!!! I´ve felt that love, and I know it.

I love you all so much!!! See you soon!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

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